Sensational American Celebration ($50-$150)

Sensational American Celebration ($50-$150)

Product Details

Celebrate Summer and Independence Day with this Sensational gift basket filled with gourmet treats!! Our $50 Sensational American Celebration includes Sour Cream & Chives Potato Chips, Pecan Almond Crunch Popcorn, Asiago & Cheddar Aged Cheese and Sourcream Squares, Tortilla Chips and Vidalia Onion & Peach Salsa, 4th of July Nam’s Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies and Roasted Almonds with Sea Salt. Peanuts in the Shell Roasted and Salted, Sesame Almond Cocktail Snack Mix, gourmet blend of Tropical Fruits and Nuts are added to the $75 gift basket. We also include Handmade Pecan Brittle, a larger pint size jar of the 4th of July Nam’s Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies and wonderful crispy Toffee Brownie Brittle in our $100 gift. Treat your recipients with Baked Potato Sticks, delicious Chocolate Pretzels and we increase the 4th of July Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies to a quart size jar for the $125 gift. To complete our $150 gift we add Traditional Cheese Straws, Beer Nuts and Crunchy Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Chips. You may also choose to add a patriotic-themed tall mug. As always, your gift will be beautifully wrapped in cellophane and tied with red, white and blue ribbons.