Sensational Fruit and More ($50-$100)

Sensational Fruit and More ($50-$100)

Product Details

In addition to the best in seasonal fruits, this Sensational Basket also features wonderful Triple Chocolate Cookies, Crispy Cheese Crisps, Pineapple, Bananas, Grapes, 2 Red Delicious Apples, 2 Oranges and 1 Gala Apple for $65. For our $75 gift we also include Dried Health Mix and another Gala Apple.  In the $100 basket we add Roasted Mixed Nuts, larger bunch of bananas, larger bunch of grapes and another Orange and a Pear. Sea Salt Caramels and delicious Mint Brownie Brittle are included in the $125 basket.  For the $150 gift we add Rt. 58 Trail Mix, Baked Potato Sticks and another Gala Apple and an Orange.  Cinnamon Glazed Pecans, a Quart Jar of wonderful Nam’s Bits Chocolate Chip Cookies with a Mango and another Gala Apple and a Pear are included.  Whole pineapple or cut-up fruit available.  Please choose for an appropriate Shiva basket also (we will include Kosher items if you check the box below). As always, every Sensational Fruit & More Gift is beautifully wrapped with colorful cellophane, tied with lovely coordinating ribbons, and can be customized with gift tags and labels, incorporating your logo and/or personalized message