Sensational Fruit & Snacks ($50 & Up)

Sensational Fruit & Snacks ($50 & Up)

Product Details

In addition to the best in seasonal fruits, this basket also features a delicious assortment of cookies, pretzels, nuts, chips, trail mix and candy.  At $50, we include 2 delicious apples, a pear, 2 oranges, fresh grapes, bananas, Famous Amos Cookies, Snyder’s Pretzels, Pistachios, Chex Mix, Potato Chips, Kar’s Snack Mix and Skittles.  For our $75 version, we add a pineapple, M&Ms, pear and Goldfish Crackers.  In our $100 version, we include 2 more apples, Twizzlers, an orange , Peanut M&Ms and granola bar.  For our $125 version, we add 2 oranges, Swedish Fish, a pear, Skittles and Peanuts in the Shell.  In our $150 version we add 2 apples and a orange, Gummy Bears, M&Ms and Pistachios. Please note we include more shelf stable fruit for shipping.  You may request Kosher Snacks only. As always, every Sensational Gift is beautifully wrapped with colorful cellophane, tied with lovely coordinating ribbons, and can be customized with gift tags and labels, incorporating your logo and/or personalized message.