Sensational Holiday Delicacies ($75-$150)

Sensational Holiday Delicacies ($75-$150)

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New For 2016! Send wonderful tidings of comfort and joy with an exquisite gift of epicurean delights! At $75, the festive gold-striped container holds divine Bequet Soft Caramels, Eastshore Sugar and Spice Pretzels, savory Macy’s Sesame Gruyere Cheese Crisps, delicious Marich Peppermint Bark Shortbread, festive Nikki’s Nutcracker cookies, Olympia Cashew Crunch, Saksco Harvest Medley, Too Good Gourmet Chocolate Caramel Crunch Cookies, a beautifully decorated bag of Peppermint Malt Balls and a handmade Nancy’s Peppermint Graham Cracker. For $100, we add wholesome Feridies 5 o’clock Crunch and premium Mingo River double Dipped Chocolate Pecans. Our $125 Sensational Holiday Delicacies brims with the above assortment of goodies plus even more deliciousness: distinctive Geraldine’s Sweet Potato Sticks and hand-crafted Madyson’s Toffee Chip marshmallows. And at $150, this gift becomes the ultimate as we add scrumptious Cape Cod Crème Brulee Truffles, Goodness Gracies’ Cocktail Snack Mix and crispy Piroline Cookies. These fantastic gifts, beautifully wrapped and finished with lovely bows, are sure to please! And remember, gift tags and labels (incorporating your logo, if desired) are available for unique customization.