Sensational Office Party ($50-$300)

Sensational Office Party ($50-$300)

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This is the best gift to send to a group--from 5 to 50--a collection of delectable gourmet foods. Our $50 (serves 7-10 people) version includes a sweet & salty snack mix, rolled cheese sticks, gourmet cookies, mixed nuts, hard candy drops, cheddar popcorn and gourmet potato chips. For $75.00 (serves 10-15 people), we add pecan brittle, dipping pretzels with roasted pineapple & habanero dip and chocolate bark. Included in the $100.00 (serves 15-20 people) gift will be chocolate covered pecans, traditional cheese straws and honey cinnamon almonds. For $150.00 (serves 20-30 people), we add pistachios, bridge mix, gift bos of four kinds of nuts and peach flavored candies. The $200.00 (serves 30-40 people) basket also contains a box of delectable toffee, Bella Cucina artichoke lemon pesto and dipping crackers.Included in the $250.00 (serves 35-50 people) gift will be tortilla chips with peach salsa, butter cookies, gourment peanut butter popcorn and chocolate taffy. For $300.00 (serves 40-60 people) we also add hazelnut cookies, Butter Pecan Sweet Magnolias, a box of truffles and a peach stresuel coffee cake.