Sensational Retirement Basket ($75 & Up)

Sensational Retirement Basket ($75 & Up)

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Congratulations are in order for all their years of hard work ā€“ let them relax and enjoy themselves with this gift. Included are a Crossword Puzzle Book, wonderful Triple Chocolate Cookies, Sourdough Cheese Crisps, Congratulations Sweet nā€™ Salty Snack Mix, Mixed Nuts, a deck of Playing Cards, Crispy Cinnamon Pretzels, Honey Cinnamon Almonds, Bequet Sea Salt Caramels, Handmade Peanut Brittle and a Congratulations Bag of Mini Chocolate Chips Cookies for $75. As always, each Sensational Gift will be beautifully wrapped with colorful cellophane, and will be tied with lovely coordinating ribbons, and can be customized with gift tags and labels, incorporating your logo and/or personalized message.