Sensational Winter Gourmet ($75-$100)

Sensational Winter Gourmet ($75-$100)

Product Details

New for 2018!  Winter ushers in those short chilly to brutally cold days!  Time to cuddle up by a fire and enjoy some hot chocolate and gourmet treats!  Our new Sensational Winter Gourmet Gift is presented in a Red and Black Plaid container and is overflowing with the following treats--Artisan Hot Chocolate Mix, Honey Cheddar  Snack Mix, Delicious Pecan Cinnamon Cookies,  Dipping Pretzels and Raspberry Honey Mustard Dip, Chicken & Rice Soup Mix, Roasted Pecans in Rich Milk Chocolate, Handmade Thin Peanut Brittle,  Pecan Almond Crunch Popcorn Mix, Nam’s Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies and Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins & Sea Salt Cashews for $75.  In our $100 gift we add Chocolate Blueberries and wonderful Soft Bequet Caramels.  As always, each Sensational Gift will be beautifully wrapped with cellophane, and will be tied with lovely coordinating ribbons.  Your gift can also be customized with gift tags and labels, incorporating your logo and/or personalized message.