Sensational South's Finest ($40-$200)

Sensational South's Finest ($40-$200)

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Send the best gourmet flavors of the South – Peach, Pecan, Peanut and Grits. Crunchy Tortilla Chips and Vidalia Onion & Peach Salsa, Pecan Cinnamon Straw Cookies, Georgia Peanuts, Georgia on My Mind Chocolate Chip Cookies and Praline Pecans are included in the $40 basket. For $50 we add Handmade Peanut Brittle and a larger box of the wonderful Pecan Cinnamon Straw Cookies. At $75 we include a box of Traditional Cheese Straws, Crunchy Pecan Almond Popcorn, Pecan Divinity, delectable All Natural Pecan Cini-Mini Cookies. Sparkling Peach Cider, Peach Flavored Hard Candy and Southern Pecan Coffee are included in the $100 Sensational Basket. The $125 gift contains Peach Gummy Candy, Carolina Candy Dark Chocolate Southern Pecan Toffee, and Grits Bits Snacks. We include Pecan Cinnamon Straws, Georgia Peppermint tin, Atlanta Graphic Chocolate Bars, and a Atlanta Peach Mug for $150. For the $200 gift a gallon jar of Georgia on My Mind Nam’s is the perfect addition! Now you can add the book “How To Speak Southern”, a tongue-in-cheek dictionary of Southern words and phrases offers a hilarious spoof of the Southern accent. Each gift will be beautifully wrapped with colorful cellophane, and will be tied with a lovely coordinating ribbons.