Sensational Stuckey On You ($65)

Sensational Stuckey On You ($65)

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This Valentine's Day send a Stuckey On You Basket, brimming with things reminiscent of Stuckeys, a venerable roadside oasis--and a highway heaven of souvenirs, cold drinks, hot snacks, and pecan candy--marked by the pitched roof and teal blue shingles:

Sensational Stuckey On You Basket  $65

7 oz Pecan Log Roll

8 oz Toffee

4 oz Toasted & Salted Pecans

4 oz Honey Cinnamon Pecans

1.5 oz White Chocolate Turtles

1.5 oz Milk Chocolate Turtles

1.7 oz Pecan Divinity Bar

1.5 oz Pecan Pralines

Retro Stuckey's Store Mug

Your Sensational Gift will be nestled in a great square container and will be tied with coordinating ribbons.  Remember, custom gift tags and labels (incorporating your logo, if desired) are available for unique customization.