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Sensational Exam Prep Kit ($25-$40)

Sensational Exam Prep Kit ($25-$40)

Product Details

Send our newest exam study kit and see why top law Firms use us. Our Sensational Exam Prep Kit comes in a great mailer box and filled with quick and healthy snacks--Health Mix (a dried fruit and nut mix) Californa Almonds, Seasoned Pretzels, Gourmet Cheddar Cheese Popcorn, Sweet & Salty Snack Mix, Root Beer Hard Candy and of course our wonderful Nam’s Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies customized with your firm colors and logo for $25.00. In our $35 kit we add Smarties Candy, an Advil Packet for headache relief, Assorted Jelly Beans and Combo’s Cheddar Snack. A Red Bull energy drink and Mike & Ike Candy added into our $40 version. At no extra charge, we also provide a custom gift card with your logo and card message (as shown). Please check the box above for a Gluten-Free Prep Kit which will include items such as Kind Bars, Multi Grain Tortilla Chips, Jelly Beans, Sweet n’Salty Snack Mix, Vanilla Cookies, Almond Crunchies, Lucy’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pistachios, Gourmet Potato Chips, Gummy Candy. And you may choose to replace some items as well. Please choose your glossy box color above, available in black, red, white, and brown.