Sensational Kid's Korner (Children) ($40-$100)

Sensational Kid's Korner (Children) ($40-$100)

Product Details

Send this Sensational gift of surprises sure to brighten their day! The useful and colorful container brims with age-appropriate items for boys or girls: activity books, pampering sets, magazines, books, videos, games, toys and/or a plush stuffed animal. Depend on our expertise to select the perfect items! You may help by adding a note about his or her interests (if known), and we’ll customize the child’s gift accordingly. Scrumptious treats of cookies, popcorn, candy and nuts may be added if you’d like us to include food. Please specify age and gender of child. As always, your Sensational Gift will be beautifully wrapped with colorful cellophane, and will be tied with a lovely coordinating ribbon.
Food Allowed/Not Allowed: