Sensational Nam's Bits Holiday/Christmas ($3.50-$44.50)

Sensational Nam's Bits Holiday/Christmas ($3.50-$44.50)

Product Details

This holiday season, send the most delicious Nam's Bits Chocolate Chip Cookies. You choose the size and the label (replacements may be made based on availability).  We have many more labels available for larger orders! Additional flavors available upon request: Ginger Snap, Whipped Butter, Confetti Cupcake, Brownie Crisp and Oatmeal Scotchie. And remember, gift tags and labels (incorporating your logo, if desired) are available for unique customization. Questions? Please call us at 

If you’d like to send a bulk order for Sensational custom cookies, please send the following information to 

•          Recipient Name, Company Name (if applicable), Address & Phone Number (if all being delivered to one address)
•          Nam’s Bits Cookie Jar Size and flavor and ribbon color (see color chart)
•          Quantity Needed
•          Label with logo and/or message; please send logo as jpg or pdf file 30KB in size or larger
•          Desired Delivery or Pick-Up Date
If your cookies are being sent to individual locations, please send us your list in an Excel spreadsheet in the following format:
• First Name | Last Name | Company (if applicable) | Address One | Address Two | City | State | Zip |