Sensational Puzzlers' Delight ($50 & Up)

Sensational Puzzlers' Delight ($50 & Up)

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This is a perfect gift for the whole family or an individual that loves to do puzzles and just can't get enough of them! This sensational basket includes a variety of Sudoku and puzzle books and delicious treats:

Sensational Puzzlers' Delight $50
Large Variety Book, 1 Crossword Puzzle Book, 1 Sudoku Puzzle Book
Peanuts In The Shell
Classic Pretzels
Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies
Sweet Fruit Drops
Soothing Tea
Savannah Bee Honey
Coffee Mug

You may choose to add:

  • Plush Throw Blanket ($25)
  • Fabric Ice Bag ($14)
  • Adult Coloring Book with Crayola Coloring Pencils ($18)
  • Adorable 5" Teddy Bear with Mask ($6.50)
  • Adorable 8" Teddy Bear with Mask ($15.50)
  • Adorable 10" Teddy Bear with Mask ($19.50)
  • Gift Cards from Amazon, iTunes or Netflix (each will be added with a service charge)
  • "The Little Book of Prayers" Book ($10)

  • The "Joy In Every Moment" Book ($12.50)
  • Pothos or Flowering Plant ($20)
  • Mylar Balloon ($4.50)
  • Latex Balloon ($2.50)

This is a wonderfully entertaining and tasty gift for any special occasion! As always, each Sensational Gift will be beautifully wrapped with colorful cellophane, and will be tied with beautiful coordinating ribbons, and can be customized with gift tags and labels, incorporating your logo and/or personalized message at no additional charge.