Sensational You're Awesome Treats ($28.50)

Sensational You're Awesome Treats ($28.50)

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Tell that special person how great you think they are:

Sensational You’re Awesome (Pretty)  $28.50

Pretty Glam Bag

Delicious Nam’s Bits Cookie with “You’re Awesome” label (2 oz bag)

Cherry Blossom Scented Hand Cream

Cherry Blossom Scented Root Veriglass Candle

Sensational You’re Awesome (Manly)  $28.50

Leather Carry All Bag

Delicious Nam’s Bits Cookie with “You’re Awesome” label (2 oz bag)

Shea Butter Hand Lotion

Japanese Hosta Scented Root Veriglass Candle


Each Sensational Gift will be beautifully packaged in a great gift bag or wrapped in cellophane and will be tied with lovely coordinating ribbons and finished off with coordinating tissue paper. Remember, custom gift tags and labels (incorporating your logo, if desired) are available for unique customization at no additional charge.