Sensational Final Exams Survival Kit ($29.50 & Up)

Sensational Final Exams Survival Kit ($29.50 & Up)

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See why top law firms worldwide use Sensational Baskets for their associates' gifts. It's that time of year again-–final exams time. Let your favorite students know that you're thinking of them with a Final Exams Survival Kit gift. A great assortment of the snacks and tools to help them get all A’s.

Smartfood Popcorn
Electrolyte-Fortified Smart Water
Skittles Candy
Sweet and Salty Snack Mix
Index Cards
Granola Bar

Add a $10 iTunes or Starbucks gift card to make this time a little easier. If you'd like to include gourmet treats only, please choose that option above and we will include pecan straw cookies and pistachios instead of the highlighters and index cards. And new this year, add a great Sleep Mask and/or Ear Plugs.  You may also choose to customize your gift with a firm or school logo. NOW WITH A GLUTEN-FREE OPTION. Want to customize it further? No problem!! Just call (770) 587-5593, 1-800-396-2260 or E-MAIL us at